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DeVilling and Associates
The Integrated Search Process
Finding qualified people is the most difficult task any company faces when looking towards the future. The obligation to find the best possible person can sometimes be an overwhelming and time-consuming process, therefore more and more companies are now utilizing retained executive search firms for help and guidance. The search for the best candidate requires a complete understanding of the client's needs and requirements to hire the most talented leadership, with the right mixture of experience, skills, and cultural compatibility -- This 360-degree approach to hiring is what we call the "Integrated Search Process."
Benefits Of A Retained Search
The need for skilled executive leadership in "supply chain management" has increased dramatically as a result the desire of industrial distributor and manufacture to achieve competitive advantages through world-class customer service, improved supplier relationships, and the application of modern technology. Current research indicates that supply chain expenditures total over $800 billion in the U.S. alone and will experience double-digit growth well into the new millennium.

Therefore, both the competition and demand for skilled leadership will continue to increase. DeVilling & Associates possess the sophisticated business understanding and specialization that such a challenging marketplace demands. We monitor industry trends and initiatives, as well as key players. We collaborate with industry leaders to identify management and executive talent with the unique attributes required to match the needs of our client/companies.

When companies want to hire managers and executives that will be vital to their organizations, they want the most qualified individuals that meet or exceed their expectations.
What kind of search would you like?
DeVilling & Associates develops searches that fit your needs. Several options follow:

Full-Integrated Search - Based on the information provided by the client through extensive interviews, we begin with a complete search for candidates to seek the most talented people available who meet the requirements of the client. The Integrated Search Process includes the use of the industry database, knowledge of the appropriate candidate, knowledge of the current state of the industry, use of 34 years of industry contacts, and other sources.

Once the list is narrowed to a final selection of candidates, we do in-depth interviews, background checks, verification of employment, reference checks, administer personality and values tests, set up client interviews and finally make recommendations. Our clients are continually advised of the search-in-process. We are with our client from beginning to end.

The Full-Integrated Search is provided on an agreed-upon fee basis.

Modified Search - This form of search is designed for clients who prefer to conduct the initial portion of the search themselves. In these cases, once the candidate's resumes are received in-house, we are asked to make determinations based on our experience and knowledge of the current job market.

We review each resume, develop a short list, make the initial contacts to determine each candidate's interest and/or availability, and then deliver them to the client. This enables the client to avoid needless work processing and interviewing candidates that do not fit the job requirements.

This less expensive search process is designed for clients who have sufficient staff to handle the initial search, but are limited in time and resources to complete the project.

Fees are determined based on the levels of activities throughout the process.

Combined Services - Combinations of each of these types of searches may be necessary to achieve the results established by the client company. Depending on particular situations or client needs, DeVilling & Associates can provide services on an as-needed basis. For example, a client may want to choose from one to five candidates, all of whom meet the requirements, but who feel it would be awkward to contact the candidate directly. We are engaged to meet with the selections, interview them, administer tests, and make recommendations. Internal candidates are interviewed on the same basis.

Fees for individual services such as these will be mutually agreed-upon.

Confidentiality - DeVilling & Associates will keep all designated records, statistical information, and personal records confidential and will only disclose pertinent pre-agreed or publicly known information.