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DeVilling and Associates
Client Services
DeVilling & Associates will keep all designated records, statistical information, and personal records confidential and will only disclose pertinent pre-agreed or publicly known information.
Client/Company Interviews & Setting the Objectives
Typically, the client company would have established the need to hire an executive or manager for a specific position with the scope and requirements already established. However, the first essential interview is with the client/company to accomplish several aspects of the search. These elements are critical to the success of the search process that will follow.

DeVilling & Associates would consult on the following:
• Clarify the type of search that is desired - Complete, Partial or a combination of both.

• Review client company's requirements and scope for the position and make adjustments.

• Establish qualifications that are "musts" and those that are "preferred." It is extremely important to discuss and completely agree on the skills, experience, education, management style, and cultural compatibility desired of the prospective candidates.

• Define Expectations.
The client interview is used to gain insight into the company's mission, strategies, products, culture, and other information that would be useful during candidate interviews.
Candidate Interviews and Recommendations
Each recommended candidate is contacted and interviewed in person. The interview consists of scrutinizing the knowledge, experience, communication skills, and management style. An in-depth face to face discussion of the candidate's career goals and objectives, as well as strengths and weaknesses is vital to the process.

DeVilling & Associates has several comprehensive personality tests available for both the candidate and the client/company that gives indications of compatibility between the client/company and the search candidate.