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DeVilling and Associates
Management and Executive Search
DeVilling & Associates, LLC, was launched primarily to provide help and guidance to the Industrial Distributor and Manufacturer of MROP Products searching for the right manager or executive.

Success in the new millennium will be a challenge no matter where you are located or what you do. The need for leaders who can successfully guide your business in a rapidly changing world is critical. Where will these leaders come from? Large and small companies' needs are the same - finding qualified, well educated, experienced leaders that can successfully build their company's future. These companies are now turning to retained executive and management search firms for help and guidance seeking talented leadership with the right mixture of experience, skills and cultural compatibility.

With over 36 years of experience with the industrial distributor and manufacturer, DeVilling & Associates can guide you through the search process and help you find the right person for the right position.
Sales & Marketing Consulting
Over the years, DeVilling & Associates, LLC. has helped small manufacturers and distributors improve their sales & marketing positions in the marketplace by focusing on sales representation, customer service, and innovative and creative programs to increase sales and revenues. These services include finding North American sales representation, implementing customer service initiatives, and developing strategic plans. Most companies today have downsized their sales & marketing leadership and might consider outsourcing specific projects to obtain experience and increase their revenues in a timely manner.
Career Continuation & Outplacement Services
In today's business environment where companies have to downsize and restructure, it is imperative to prepare the candidate for continued employment with another organization. The terminated employee has experienced one of the most traumatic moments in their careers. Employers have choices as to how the termination process is implemented.

We can tell you from experience, the employees who are left in the organization watch very carefully how the terminated employee is treated. It is more than just letting someone go... it is showing the company cares about the individual.

DeVilling & Associates has teamed with The Loriel Group to implement a complete outplacement and Personal Career Continuation Program. This program has been developed to help employers present a "personal coaching" atmosphere during the termination process and beyond. We all know how traumatic any termination can be, whether is be downsizing or for other reasons. Our program eliminates, as best as possible, the ugliness of an already bad situation. We talk with the individuals to successfully begin the process of finding another job. We do not search for positions as much as we give them the tools to start the process. We believe planning and implementation are the keys to achieving the best possible solution for the worst of situations.

They no longer need an outplacement firm to provide them with office space and access to office equipment. Rather than providing office space and equipment, we focus on providing the displaced worker with what they really need -- one-on-one time with a Career Transition Consultant, an effective resume written by a professional resume writer, a cover letter to highlight their strengths, and other collateral needed for transition into a new position. We work with our outplacement participants over the phone and through emails. The individual personal counseling has proven most effective... we teach people "how to fish!"