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DeVilling and Associates
The Company
DeVilling & Associates, LLC, was launched primarily to provide help and guidance to the Industrial Distributor and Manufacturer of MROP Products searching for the right manager or executive.

Success in the new millennium will be a challenge no matter where you are located or what you do. The need for leaders who can successfully guide your business in a rapidly changing world is critical. Where will these leaders come from? Large and small companies' needs are the same - finding qualified, well educated, experienced leaders that can successfully build their company's future. These companies are now turning to retained executive and management search firms for help and guidance seeking talented leadership with the right mixture of experience, skills and cultural compatibility.

With over 36 years of experience with the industrial distributor and manufacturer, DeVilling & Associates can guide you through the search process and help you find the right person for the right position.

Our Mission

DeVilling & Associates is in the business of helping client companies find the right person for the right position!

Our Strategy

DeVilling & Associates will assist the client/company to establish clear hiring objectives and requirements, seek the best talent available by using our established network -help in the selection process - while creating a partnership with the client/company for the future.